Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision of Alesha Group


Alesha Holdings Ltd is in the dawn of working as a development associate in nation building. Alesha gradually growing into a prodigious industrial empire and making positive impact on health, science and society by generating attractive long-term returns on the assets of the nation. It is an organization that has adopted its ethos of converting adversity into opportunity and making the impossible possible by challenging derivative wisdom.

Our paramount aim has always been – and will always be – to touch the lives of people in a positive green way.

We focus on generating and realizing strong financial returns from our portfolio of venture companies. As one generation passes over the management responsibility to the next, it expects transfer of skill, wisdom and experience achieved during its own era. This knowledge is to be rightly used by each new generation to make their mark and take the Group to new heights. Overtime it should grow to become an industrial giant of the country and succeed in creating a national & international network that comprises of many subsidiaries and affiliates.

Main missions of our holding can be summarized as:

  • To have satisfied customers/consumers/users
  • Uncompromised quality of products & services
  • Following Business ethics
  • Supporting ecosystem and
  • Contributing in Nation Building


We believe in 'Go Green, Think Green & Live Green to Honor Life!'

The environmental impact, a consequence of the ever-increasing industrial activities, since the Industrial Revolution, is a growing global problem in the world. Corrective policies in the last several decades have been implemented to remedy such environmental damage. In order to protect the world, we live in, it is necessary to adopt a preventive approach to environmental pollution. In order to eliminate the problems of environmental pollution, the concepts of environmental management, such as green management, green marketing, green production and green innovation, etc. are now the main concern being pursued. The rise of international environmental regulations, such as Montreal Convention, Kyoto Protocol, Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in EEE (RoHS), and Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment (WEEE), and popular environmental consciousness of consumers would bring significant impacts to businesses in the world.

Therefore, environmental management is gathering importance within organizations and it is increasingly becoming an important part of management agendas. We solemnly believing, solely focusing and acting accordingly, to minimize the pollution impact.