Alesha Polymer Ltd.

Alesha Polymer Ltd.


With great pleasure, Alesha Holdings is proud to announce the launching of an exciting and ambitious new segment in its greener solutions portfolio!

We are happy to bring you Alesha Polymer Limited – our newest venture. We have embarked upon a highly challenging and progressive journey with this new business segment – especially with the nature of this industry being polymer industry, perfectly complimenting one of our core business values – incorporation of business practices in ‘The Empirical Way’ – which essentially focuses on balancing science, technology and practicality in the most optimum manner.

Apart from natural polymer, we need man made polymer in our daily life. We are manufacturing polymer products. Our products are environment friendly. These products do not affect the Mother Nature and also not be harmful for any living being. Our team is very careful about selecting and importing best quality raw materials. We take prompt action to fully ensure the safety and health of our products and adopt environmental responsibility. Our employees are continuously trained to produce products of the highest quality with minimal waste. Our research team always works for advance technologies and new designs. Our energetic team works for fulfilling customers’ demands by giving quality products.

Staying true to our corporate vision of putting emphasis primarily on ‘honoring life’ in all aspects of our business practices and eventually achieving long-term sustainability – Alesha Polymer Limited promises its Partners, Customers and Benefactors to never stop learning, innovating and striving to remain relevant - not only within the boundaries of our local market but also always be highly competitive in the global market.

We also make a positive difference by getting involved and serving the community through organization of various beneficial events. As the deforestation rate is severe in Bangladesh, we are trying to upsurge the number of trees to make a better Bangladesh for the next generation. In rebuilding lost forests and developing new ones around our factory sites, we can also restrict other distresses including loss of biodiversity, effective water accessibility, restricting desertification and dipping erosion.