About Alesha Group

Alesha's History

Alesha Holdings Ltd, group of industries has an emerging business heritage, a sparkling present and a glittering future. ‘Alesha’ is established in year 2018 by experienced, industrious and challenge seeking leaders.

Since its inception its perspective has been very clear “Satisfying consumers by providing the best possible goods & services, pursuing appropriate business ethics and ambition to reach the top”. We mostly focusing and valuing in ‘Go Green Think Green’ concept. All the factories and industrial sites are chosen and concoct accordingly.

With the in-depth industry knowledge and the ability to facilitate positive transformation, Alesha creates the sustainable intrinsic growth for people and organizations at every step. Our set about is to make the benefactors more adaptable to their environment and also to build the ability in them to mutate or transform into high value contenders in the industry. There are several different ways and approaches to data, information or knowledge however we only believe in the ‘Empirical’ way. With an approach that is scientific yet totally practical, we intend to break the monotony in the way one absorbs new learning and the change associated with it. In our team, we have subject matter experts from various walks of life; their core objective is not really to share what they know but to understand what is actually needed, then implement methods to genuinely fulfill it. With a mindset that is progressive, eccentric and with an unsparing zeal to ‘outperform’, it is certain that we can create ‘True Value’ for our Partners, Customers and Benefactors.