Mission and Vision

Alesha's Mission&Vision


We aspire to become a “global identity” to aid in the economy of Bangladesh and international market. Our Value creation is derived through;

  • OUR STRAFFS: Encouraging strategic teamwork, sustaining talent, upgrading leadership approach with passion for organizational growth and development.
  • OUR PRODCUTS: Market dominance buy conveying premium products and services to create incentives for our customers.
  • OUR CONDUCT: Adopting high ethical standards to ensure eco-friendly safe workplace with care for our communities.
  • OUR POLICIES:In adherence to the ALESHA code of conduct, we have sets of principles to monitor different areas of operation to get consistency in process with transparency of company’s approach.
  • OUR INNOVATION: Associating leading-edge modifications in technology, product and services.


Reconcilable to our vision, we strive to became a trusted brand in global platform. With effective use of our resources, we desire to strengthen the economy of Bangladesh. Together with modern management practices and front-line innovation, we are capable of generating high profitability. Our foremost aim has always been- and will always be- to touch the lives of people. We believe our commitments should enable people to have a better life and inspire future generations to pursue similar goals. However, ALESHA realizes that honesty and integrity are sole ingredients of strong and stable enterprise, but profitability initiates economic activity. Therefore, the company seeks to seize any business opportunity within its faith in democratic values.