Alesha Leather Ltd.

Alesha Leather Ltd.


Alesha only cares about Green. It is our only motto. As we are in the pursuit of spreading green in every field, Alesha Leather Ltd is trying to contribute wholeheartedly. Alesha Leather Ltd is importing raw materials for manufacturing PU and PVC Leather sheets, and even producing goods out of them. Alesha is even, further modifying/utilizing their by-product. The aim is to serve the nation and further spread the goodwill via export. Our company supplies two kinds of artificial leather ---Including PU leather, and PVC leather at High quality and favorable price. Our company take "Zero defect, Zero complaints" as the quality objective. Because of our good ability in developing new items and good quality and competitive price, we welcome many new customers with innovative orders to work with us in future! We believe we will create very bright future together!

Why to choose Faux not Fox?



There are two inevitable to be mentioned:

  • The Animals
  • The Toxins

The Animals

The environmental impact of rearing and killing cows directly for leather is widely criticized; due in part to the amount of global methane pollution that cows can be held directly responsible for. In the majority of cases where it is a by-product, you’d think it’s much better to use the hides to make leather than see it go to waste, but keeping nature in mind as supporters of ethical fashion initiatives, you should know how big of an effect your choices are having on the welfare of animals and environment. Synthetic leather is less harmful to the planet than cow leather.

The Toxins

Around 80% of leather worldwide is tanned using chrome, a highly toxic process that results in a significant toxic waste being released into waterways, and serious harm to industrial tannery workers. Tanneries are often so bad for the environment that the surrounding area is forbidden from being used for agricultural purposes and the surrounding rivers and lands become poisoned and dangerous for wildlife. The chemical affluent which are released as by-product after manufacturing, pollutes the nearby water resources as well the emission of toxic fumes cause air pollution too. This type of environmental sabotage is exactly what is wrong with the leather industry. This is the reason why Alesha Leather Ltd has focused towards developing new eco-friendly systems for manufacturing PU and PVC leather. As it is said 'Conserve to preserve Green'.

Introducing Faux Leather

Synthetic Leather has excellent quality base material that presents a way of avoiding the producing of static electricity, and at the same time it is possible to use the hydrophilic hydroxyl materials in the products to avoid the accumulation of static electricity. The synthetic leather has achieved ISO9001 and 3C quality certification, also with product patents and corporate standards. The leather is widely used in the production of clothing, shoes, hats, bags, furniture, decorations and all kinds of industrial parts.

Join the Green Side!

Our company is people-oriented, we keep the pace of world's fashion trend, focus on developing new products and make them fashionable, eco-friendly and environmental-protection, our products are PRO-environment, comfort, waterproof, breathing, abrasive resistance, cold-resistance, hydrolysis resistance, wrinkled resistance. With excellent quality system, complete testing equipment, our productions will be very good in use.

We stick to the principle of " innovation, quality first, clients first, services-oriented" for the management. We sincerely welcome clients to come and negotiate business with us for long-term cooperation, and create brighter Green future together.